Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is the topmost priority at Softechway. We collect your personal information and use it as per our concern. It also explains that no individual rights have been violated while collecting the data.

On Our Website, We Collect Three Types Of Information:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Name, Email Id, Phone No, and Company Name.
  • Non-PII doesn't reveal the identity of the visitor on our site. It includes:
  • IP Addresses:

    We will automatically track IP addresses. It makes it easier for geolocation services to accurately assess where you are and provide you the services as per your requirements.

    Correspondence Information

    Any correspondence information sent by you or any other third party about your postings is stored on our servers.

    Payment Information

    We do not collect any credit card information to protect you against any unauthorized transactions, claims, and other liabilities. We allow third-party vendors to collect information to collect the fee from our customers on our website.

    What We Do With The Information Collected:

    The signup details stored in our database and tare used for further identification and where applicable for authentication purposes. To send you information that is relevant to you, including information about our new offerings or maybe events of your value.

    How Your Information Is Protected:

    We take data security very seriously. We keep every security and privacy while planning and designing our entire structure. A robust information security system within our organization governs our policy and practices. All the information is subject to substantial control, including regular audits, security testing, and verifications. When circumstances require, we use encryption technology(data scrambling) and authentication tools to protect information. Such information will be used following the principles of the website privacy policy or the policies which may adopt from time to time as applicable to each specific business.

    To whom we disclose the personal data

    The employees will use your personal information within the organization for the work requirement. We don't disclose any information to the third party without your consent but for only legitimate purposes.


    SofTechWay uses cookies to give a great browsing experience. Whenever you visit our website, our server sends a cookie to your device to determine your location and use an appropriate language for you. You are free to delete these cookies at any time. Cookies cannot personally identify an individual, and they can, at the most, merely recognize the web browser. Unless an individual chooses to identify himself by opening an account or entering login information, the user will remain anonymous to us.